Evolving Portals: Surprise Canyon Jacuzzi
Edition of 42

Produced by: Dutchyyy

Evolving Portals: Surprise Canyon Jacuzzi (runtime: 54:15)


I began this original session in October 2019 In a Jacuzzi under the stars while visiting my best friend in AZ who took me to see the Grand Canyon for the 1st time. If you want to be technical, The Original session for this Began on Thanksgiving 2018 with the track "Taken, Thanks." but when I revisited it, I loaded up different samples. I must have named the project file something weird because I completely forgot about the session until one day while live streaming to twitch and instagram in 2021, I re-stumbled upon it. If you want to be technical about that, It was actually my Chat that stumbled upon it, since I would often let them comb thru all my project file names and choose a session to open and begin creating something new with all the samples loaded in the session.

This entire 54 minute session is completely live and all one take. Unfortunately, I didn't start recording (re-sampling) into my SP404 until a few minutes into the session, so the audio version is missing the very beginning, I also Captured about 45 minutes of this on Video. So maybe that can be minted once / if this is fully collected to wrap up the $SCJ series =)

I know these Portals are a bit unconventional and weird, but after 3 decades of producing thousands of conventional beats and songs in general, I've grown to enjoy challenging myself with constantly stepping into the unknown, solving puzzles in real time and pushing the limits of experimentation. I'm primarily known for emceeing and making instrumental hiphop / lofi but these days I tend to approach the creative process with more of a Improv Jazz mentality.

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