Ovie Faruq: The Artist Known as OSF
Edition of 100

Indivisible Episode 9 features an in-depth conversation with Ovie Faruq, who is better known by his artist name and industry moniker, OSF. Step but one foot inside most any crypto circle, and OSF needs no introduction. As a successful crypto artist, trader and builder, he has already established the makings of a deep legacy and is just getting started. Not only is his work as an artist sought after by top collectors, he is also the co- creator of the rektguy NFT brand — which is shaping up to be a powerful meme within the cultural zeitgeist of NFTs.

We dig into OSF’s views on the impact of macro conditions, his business partnership/friendship with Mando, thoughts on creator royalty resolution, sources of artistic inspiration, lessons from his time as a trad-fi trader, the role of a leader, the future of rektguy and much more.

OSF inspires in many ways, perhaps the most of which are his thoughtful nature and the fact that he always seems to be having fun while showing others how to follow in his success. I hope you get #rekt and enjoy.


2:28 - The Impact of FTX and CeFi Implosions of 2022 5:12 - Prospects for Expanding Crypto Adoption 9:04 - Regulation 11:24 - NFT Royalties and Potential Market Resolutions 16:25 - The SuperRare Model 18:30 - Mapping the OSF Ecosystem and Journey from Degenz to Rekt 23:07 - Introducing Canary Labs 24:10 - The Inspiration Behind OSF’s Artistic Style 28:14 - OSF’s Time at Barclay’s 31:15 - Re-Discovering the Love of Art During Covid 33:43 - Equality of Opportunity in Web3 37:03 - Friendship and Business Partnership with Mando 43:15 - A Crypto-Native Approach to Raising Outside Capital 46:43 - Musings on Leadership 50:20 - Navigating the Responsibilities of Public Influence 53:00 - The Future of Rekt

“I really have this belief that there are a lot of very smart people in the world but they don’t always get the same opportunity set. I think a certain level of intelligence comes from within and not necessarily environmental factors. And Web3 is an amazing platform to actually enter and succeed in that, and we’ve seen people do that.” - OSF

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