Haibei Wang: Goodbye Alice
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About the music:

“Goodbye Alice” is a piece of film score from the Sci-Fi short Oblivio. The music presents the devastating moment when Alice finds out the truth behind her marriage. This piece of music is an award winner for the New York Foundation For the Arts (NYFA) NFT Award Program. “Goodbye Alice" is a part of "Demystifying NFTs: The Award Exhibition" inside Voxel's Metaverse at the BRIDGE++ space from December 15th – December 31st, 2022, curated by Laura Ó Reilly and presented by NYFA.

About the film:

Oblivio is a Sci-Fi short directed by Dongwei Di and Liyanbing He, produced by Yiwen Gong. The film tells a story of an accidental encounter with an uninvited guest that disrupts Alice's life. As her husband Tom's hidden secret gradually surfaces, Alice finds herself one of the bio-mechanical substitutes of his deceased wife. The film was released by DUST, the Sci-Fi division of independent studio Gunpowder & Sky in 2021. You can watch the film at

About the artist:

Haibei Wang is a Chinese composer who has written music for film, music theater, video game, and the concert stage. Her compositions incorporate elements of classical orchestral music, electronic music, jazz music, and Eastern folk influences. Her film scores have premiered at the WorldFest Houston International Film Festival, TIFF, AFMA, SFFILM etc. In late 2020, she worked with Academy Nominated director Chen Kaige to score his short film Baobeier, which was screened in the Chinese TV show Everybody Stand By S2. In 2021, she worked for Grammy nominated composer Frank Wildhorn on his musical No Longer Human, as a music copyist. Around the same time, Oblivio, a Sci-Fi short she scored was released by DUST. In 2022, she won the New Work Grant from Queens Council on the Arts.

Now based in New York City, she completed a Master's degree in composition with a concentration in Screen Scoring from New York University in 2019. She also holds degrees in Concert Composition (B.M.), Organ Performance (B.M.) and Concert Composition (M.M.) from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Haibei is currently working on several projects as a composer and orchestrator for multimedia and as a composer assistant for other renowned composers on their studio films.

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