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I am helping fundraise so a bunch of artists like myself can convene and create securely during Art Week in Miami, Florida 2022. During this fundraising period (Mint until November 26th), I will allocate 80% of revenue earned from mints to go towards the group (

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[simple things]

  • it has been a testing past few months and weeks for me as a freelance creative and entrepreneurial farmer. going full time at the things that I'm passionate about without seeing immediate financial return has pushed me past my limits of hustle. It's been a beautiful journey, though, and I wouldn't change anything about it. i've sharpened my tenacity, made some wonderful new relationships, and have been able to focus on the simple things: food, clothing, shelter, and each day of life.

[rule no.1]

  • the double down of these sentiments I have towards my creative capacity and aspirations for autonomy in the professional field has fueled me to gain a new gusto and a mantra: don't wait on no one for your dreams. if there is something you are purposed to do, and you get that itch you can't get rid of, that nagging feeling of disobedience if you don't chase that passion, you gotta double back, run it back and do it. we are given gifts and talents and we must be good stewards over them.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to listen to my music, digest my art, give me feedback and words of encouragement. I trust yall know by now that I'm with my teams, here to stay. I hope it's also conveyed that I understand the dream is bigger than I as an individual, but this is setting a foundation for those who are alongside me and coming after me to go further and farther, and to ultimately be the best that they can be.

Thank you so much for your support and let's keep growing together.

If you are not really interested in NFTs or do not have a blockchain wallet, you may also purchase this on Bandcamp:

-Pragmatic / VA

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