Bars On The Blockchain | Vol. 1 - ATLien
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“ATLien” is the first entry in 'Bars On The Blockchain', a recurring series from Miles Ryan Harris highlighting Hip-Hop and lyrics within Web3. Each video features a performance that is written, recorded, mixed, mastered, filmed, and edited by Miles Ryan Harris.

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Miles is a multi-disciplinary artist based out of Orange County, California by way of Atlanta, Georgia. He began songwriting at the age of 9 and is a self taught recording artist, engineer, and visual artist.

A word from the artist:

"Stumbling into Web3 has been the coolest accident of my life. It’s completely reshaped the way I think about creating, and the value I place on my art.

I’ve never felt such a sense of community with my listeners before this. Even just people in general. I’ve had moderate success within Web2 but it always seemed like everyone was so distant and it was hard to tell who was who, much less to connect.

I love that the space is constantly changing and allowing artists and creatives to experiment with different forms of expression.

I'm constantly exploring different genres but Hip-Hop has always been my first love. That was where I started. Wordplay. Hundreds and hundreds of pages and (probably) millions of words later here I am, doing my best to present that in a way that’s pure to me.

Sometimes it takes more than 16 bars to convey a thought. Sometimes a hook can get in the way. This series is catered to lyrics. Combining my thoughts and surroundings and delivering it to Web3."

This is…

Bars On The Blockchain. Vol. 1

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