RMS - Take Care of Yourself (Music NFT)
Open Edition

Take Care of Yourself (Music NFT) - An audio journal about the struggles of self-care. The heart of my discography.

FREE MINT - a gift from me to you this giving season. I hope the message behind this song is something you carry with you into the New Year. Much love <3

About the song: Both physically and mentally, taking care of yourself is no small feat. This song depicts specific instances where I was practicing unhealthy habits, like isolating myself from others, dwelling on the past, and overworking myself to a point where it took a permanent toll on my physical and mental health. It’s definitely one of the most honest songs I’ve ever written - a true audio journal. To me, this is the heart of my discography.

For some of you, this will be your introduction to me. I wanted to make sure I always lead with songs that give you a piece of who I am, what I struggle with, and who I’ve become through those struggles. That’s what the Note to Self EP is all about - self reflection and self improvement. This is just the beginning.

About me: I’m Rohan aka RMS, an Indian-American hip hop artist and filmmaker based in NJ. I’m obsessed with merging conceptual lyricism with cinematic soundscapes to tell my story. Much love to the web3 community for supporting independent artists on the come-up. Honored to be an artist and contributor in the space.

Credits: Written, produced & engineered by RMS. Skit voiced by Kristen Ju. Created in 2019 - minted in 2022.

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