Spinning Tree
Edition of 1

Drowning. Underwater. Overwhelmed. Climate catastrophes.

"Spinning Tree" is a remastered vignette initially created as part of the artist's 2021 MFA Thesis installation: As the Past Pulls Away and the Future Begins. This video is an award winner for the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) NFT Program and is part of the "Demystifying NFT's Exhibition" inside Voxel's Metaverse at the BRIDGE ++ space curated by Laura O' Reilly and presented by NYFA. It is Erica Shires' first NFT minted on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Erica Shires is an interdisciplinary artist working with moving images, sound, 3D animation, and taxidermy. Her interests lie in merging the physicality of old media and the natural environment with emerging technologies. Shires recently transformed a 20-year photography career by receiving an MFA in interdisciplinary digital art. Her research-driven art practice centers on death, the obsolescence built into image-making, and our era's growing environmental concerns, specifically — biodiversity and the cascade effects of loss. She lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Collector Rights: Permission to digitally exhibit in galleries, museums, and the collector's home. Under no circumstances can the file contents be edited. This does not include the right for commercial purposes. If interested in purchasing additional rights, please contact the artist.

Artist reserves all rights and copyright.

To receive a collector kit (which includes an exhibition file, web file, and two image files), please contact the artist at within 90 days of the primary sale of the work.

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