Maybe I'll Talk to Jesus
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hey! i'm peter! i got bored a couple months ago and wanted to make a song you can scream in your car. here it is, hope you dig <3 i decided to create low-cost editions of this song because i want more than just one person to be able to collect it & i want people to be able to collect my music at an affordable price. i am really striving to onboard new fans/collectors this year as i am building some really dope things (merch, airdrops, private shows, etc.) and i want everyone to be included. this is just the beginning. all collectors will receive: access to my private, collector's only, Telegram chat & Discord channel owner of the 1/1 ( will receive: - master .wav file of the song - mixed stems - .png of artwork - .mp4 of visualizer - free ticket (+1) to one Peter Saputo headline show. written by Peter Saputo and Tommy Allen produced by Peter Saputo mixed by Yianni Anastos-Prastacos mastered by Théo Quayle
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